2023 Presidential Race: Favour Ayodele Joins ADC, Calls For Peace and Unity Amongst Nigerians

….As Chief Nwosu Advocates For Electronic Transmission Of Results

Founder and Chairman, African Intellectual Resource Organization (AIRO), Mr. Favour Ayodele has joined African Democratic Congress (ADC) to run for 2023 Presidential Race.

Speaking during the ceremony at the ADC Headquarters Wednesday, in Abuja, Ayodele said what Nigeria needs now as a country is peace and unity and not violence nor division.

“For those who are proposing a peaceful break-up, let us be clear about one thing: NO BREAK-UP IS HEALTHY. Division always results in a reduction of value. After 60 years of co-mingling and cross-transactions,  including inter-tribe marriages, business transactions and investments, how do you ensure an equitable division or separation? Fellow Nigerians, we are better together. We are stronger together. Our diversity is our strength, not our weakness. What Nigeria needs right now is a party with a political ideology that unites us, not divide us further: at home and in diaspora”, He noted.

He said Nigeria needs a party that is with an outlook that emboldens her to dream big as world class citizens, not one that makes citizens run for cover.

When asked what would be the position of women and girl child if elected as the president of Nigeria, Ayodele explained that he will be a he for she, as a matter of fact, a woman will be his running mate, as his two children are all girls. He said women position in his cabinet will be 50/50.

According to him, he would make sure he addressed the issue of electricity up to at least 70%. For him Ayodele, when there is electricity in the country; it will keep all the youth and agitators busy with their businesses.

On his part, the National Chairman of the ADC, Chief Ralph Nwosu, while advocating for electronic transmission of results immediately after votes from the pooling units, he however called on President Buhari to sign in to law transmission of results electronically.

When asked his position on the Pandora Papers, Chief Nwosu said, “we will not speculate based on any paper publication but if NIA and DSS Office release  what they have, you will find out that 99% of politicians, former governors, legislators, Senate Presidents, they are all crooks. By the time ADC Government will form, all of those documents will be made public, over 2. Something trillion dollars will be recovered from what have been looted by the politicians”, He explained.

When asked to react on the proposed direct primary bill by the Senate, and Chief Nwosu has this to say; “Senate should not legislate all parties to become straight, there must be difference between APC, PDP, ADC and other parties. They don’t design party by all size”, He said.

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