AANI Laments About Insecurity in Nigeria, Holds 42nd AGM

The Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI), have expressed concerned over  noticeable divisive tendencies among the components of Nigerian society, armed violence, economic difficulties, and heated political space that have created social tension, loss of lives and widespread fear over the future of Nigeria.

President of the AANI, MD Abubakar IGP Rtd who stated this during a press conference to mark the association 42nd AGM activities sets to hold on the 4 and 5th on march in Abuja said that, as a Think Tank, will also hold a national dialogue on national unity.

According to him, efforts by Governments at various levels to tackle these challenges achieved only a marginal success, because the challenges are deep rooted and require comprehensive, participatory, and proactive solutions.

Stating that, the association will hold a national dialogue on national unity as the 2023 general election approaches. “we are calling on the political class to uphold global best practices and focus on the security, welfare, and economic prosperity of Nigerians over and above their personal ambitions and pecuniary interests.

“Moreover, the recent assent to the Electoral Act by Mr President provides a new opportunity for free and fair election in Nigeria. We call on the Independent National Electoral Commission to activate all the provisions of the law towards the conduct of free and fair general elections in 2023”. He said 

The former IGP noted that, the challenges facing the country highlighted earlier cannot be properly addressed, unless broadminded and selfless individuals with capacity and courage seek and get elected to elective positions. 

“We therefore urge Nigerians with these qualities including members of the National Institute to participate actively in the political process as part of efforts to rescue Nigeria. 

“We must deemphasise money politics and come together to sponsor candidates that can pursue an agenda for the common good. In this regard, AANI intends to convene a stakeholder meeting ahead of the 2023 election, to sensitize both politicians and electorates on the need to focus on issues that affects the lives of the people and the candidates with the capacity and pedigree to address them rather than selfish interests and material inducements. 

“Our association is always available to partner with government and all stakeholders to tackle challenges through promoting a comprehensive strategy that would stabilize the polity and promote a proactive agenda for the overall development of the country.

“We believe that adequate focus on qualitative and functional education for our teeming population and agriculture and agroallied processing as our area of comparative advantage would increase employment, reduce poverty and crimes, and promote overall growth and development in Nigeria. 
“These require a comprehensive programme of action that is objective, participatory and implemented on a continuous basis in an integrated and strategic manner.  We must rededicate ourselves to the Nigerian project and provide durable solutions to the prevailing situation in the country”. He maintained.

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