Abducted COCIN Pastor Begs FG, Nigerians For His Release

Abducted COCIN Pastor Begs FG, Nigerians For His Release

A distressing video has come to light recently featuring Reverend Paul Musa, the resident pastor of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) in LCC Gamboru Ngala, who was kidnapped by Boko Haram militants along with his wife on March 14, 2023. The exclusive footage, obtained by DefTube Afrika on Saturday, unveils Rev. Musa and his wife in captivity, pleading with the Tinubu-led federal government of Nigeria for their release.

Expressing a sense of desperation and urgency, Rev. Musa implores the government of Nigeria and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for assistance, stressing the dire need for their intervention in securing their freedom. “We need help from the government of Nigeria and the Christian body in Nigeria that is CAN,” he pleads in the video.

Questioning the government’s apparent lack of concern for their well-being, Rev. Musa draws attention to the contrasting treatment received by others who were abducted alongside them. “Some people came after us and have been set free and resettled to their communities, yet we have been forgotten. Why?” he queries, highlighting the injustice of their prolonged captivity.

Expressing his disappointment with the situation, Rev. Musa addresses fellow pastors, challenging the discrepancy between their teachings and the current reality they face. “Is this what we preach every week? I am a pastor, likewise my wife. Why have we been abandoned here?” he laments, reflecting on their 29 years of dedicated service to the church without receiving the support they now desperately require.

The pastor further raises concerns about potential religious discrimination, pointing out that while Muslim captives have been released and reintegrated into their communities, they continue to languish in captivity solely based on their Christian faith. “Muslims who were also abducted have been set free and gone back to their communities, are we not good citizens enough because of our religion?” he questions, highlighting the injustice and inequality they face.

As this distressing situation unfolds, the plea for assistance from Rev. Musa serves as a stark reminder of the grave challenges faced by individuals caught in the crossfires of conflict and extremism. The urgency of their situation underscores the critical need for swift and decisive action from the authorities and humanitarian organizations to ensure their safe return and reunification with their loved ones.

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