ADC Endorses Peter Obi For President

The African Democratic Congress, ADC, has endorsed the Labour Party, LP’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, and vice presidential candidate, Datti Baba-Ahmed.

The endorsement came on the heels of a grand coalition for Obi/Datti presidency and formation of an alliance.

Speaking at the endorsement venue, the ADC BoT Chairman, Dr. Ibrahim, said the Obi-Datti movement was a worthy cause and promised to ensure victory for the movement.

According to him, “We founded this party over 16 years ago and we knew it was not going to be easy, but we committed to invest ourselves in the struggle.

“At the time we were sure that the structures in place were so fluid, undisciplined, corrupted and frail to carry the country.

“Almost every Nigerian today shares that sentiment. Time has proved us so right.

“We told ourselves that we are going to be the grassroots political party with an inclusive culture and unique character that will champion the transformation of Nigeria and Africa;

“A party to birth a new Nigeria nation, where opportunities abound for all as a result of justice, rich diversity principles and values, and creative leadership with capacity to inspire the greatest innovative pursuit amongst our youths and entire people.

“A nation where every one of us and our future generation can dream big dreams and see their dreams come true. A nation where no one is oppressed.

“Are we succeeding? Sure yes. We never fooled ourselves that we were going to produce the President or governors in even 10 years. We knew that nation building in a highly corrupted space is a struggle.
“Things may be murky today; but the signs of the rainbow are beginning to be evident. To show that we have made good progress, in 2018, ADC emerged as a party of choice after a due diligence scrutiny conducted by eminent persons and leaders of civil societies in the country.

“Despite the struggles we’ve faced in the last six months as a party, our determination has made us come out stronger.

“We presently have over 1,400 candidates running for several positions: governorship, Senate, House Representatives and state assemblies.

“Within the last four months, different youth and women organisations have openly endorsed ADC and proposed to work with our candidates at the grassroots.

“Nigerians in Diaspora are solidly behind over 200 of our candidates that cut across all regions.

“Today, we come together as a family and as a formidable third force: our Grand Patrons and Board of Trustee members; our National Executive Council; our National Working Committee; our Diaspora Network and our National Youth Council to take stand in solidarity, moving forward for the viable presidential candidate the entire nation is clamouring for.

“After our due diligence and critical assessment of the 17 presidential candidates and what they have to offer Nigerians, and after consulting our Grand Patron and former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, we decided as a party that the Obi-Datti Movement is a worthy cause to endorse.

“Today, we form this Star Alliance for one purpose only: to ensure a loud victory.
“Ladies and gentlemen of the media, it has been over 22 years since we embraced democracy as a Nation. The first presidential election that heralded this republic was held on the 27th of February, 1999 and in a week time, we would be coincidentally marking the eve of that event in which General Olusegun Obasanjo, one of the highly respected military veterans, an Owu man from Ogun State, South West Nigeria, was elected President.
“This Star Alliance is significant,

because we must decide to shape the space mindfully going forward or believe me, this country is doomed.

“A whole generation of 20/30 years has passed since, after the annulled June 12 election of 1993.

“This democracy was as a result of the combined efforts and sacrifices of many: civil society leaders, concerned professionals, labour, PRONACO and NADECO, Nigeria’s International friends, and many other individuals and patriots.

“We do not stand alone in this solidarity. Our Star Alliance Partners include the following: Nigeria Mothers for Good Governance, Fulani United, Nigeria Artisans, League of Imams, Nigeria Traders, Yoruba United, Mega Political Coalition, Kanuris United, Nigeria Professional Group, DG Global Groups, Almalgamated Coalitions, Groups and Nigeria Legions United.”

The high point of the event was signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Labour Party, LP, and the African Democratic Congress, ADC.

Speaking shortly after signing the MoU, ADC National Chairman, Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu, said the partnership was only a collaboration and not a merger with the Labour Party.
He also vowed to assist Peter Obi in having his numbers in the National Assembly.ⁿ

The star alliance partners are Nigeria Mothers for Good Governance, Fulani United, Nigeria Artisans, League of Imams, Nigeria Traders, Yoruba United, Mega Political Coalition, Kanuris United, Almalgamated Coalitions, CEG Groups and Nigeria Legions United.

Among those who attended the event include were ADC National Chairman, Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu; BoT Chairman, Dr. Mani Ibrahim, and LP chieftain, Prof. Pat Utomi.

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