Ade Takes Over Leadership Of Benue Hike Group

The Board of Trustees of Benue Hike, Tourism, and Conservation Foundation (BHTCF) appoints a new Keeper of Benue Hike Group. 

The Chairman of the board, Mr. Tersoo Samson Akula, announced the appointment of Mr. Christopher Terna Ade, (The Pain) as the new Keeper of Benue Hike Group with effect m Takesoverof January 2023.    Mr. Akula explained that the Management of Benue Hike Group is tenured. The proposal for a term of office is a maximum of two terms of two years each to give room for performance assessment and expanded participation. 

He disclosed that before now, no venture in the mold of BHG has survived in Benue saying that misinterpretation, misinformation, rumors, corruption, embezzlement, financial misappropriation, pride, and disunity have killed many noble dreams like Benue Hike Group. But for Benue Hike Group, this has rather sustained and they have weathered the storms listed. 
 As according to him,  “Benue Hike Group started with 47 members on the Gbatse Rocks in 2018 to now a group of over 270 people, today BHG has structures and policies, it has assets and it has a name. All this is because of our commitment, I celebrate you.”

He further mentioned that “as the outgoing Keeper, I sincerely thank every one of us for their dedication, perseverance, and mental strength. I also wish to once again thank you for all the support I got personally from each one of you. Today as I leave the Keepers position, I look back with pride and humility to how much this group has achieved.” 

Mr. Akula while thanking numerous partners of the group  who had shown faith in the Group noted that the Group couldn’t have grown this far without their support. 

He then disclosed that “today BHG has entrenched the tradition of transparency and accountability in the area of the use of private resources in our clime! Our leadership in the tourism sector of Benue is unquestionable, what we seek to achieve is not debatable, and with God on our side, we will.”

All through his leadership as the Outgoing Keeper, Mr. Tersoo Samson Akula, was able to achieve a lot of breakthroughs that are worthy to mention but a few are Night Hike, Chappal Waddi expedition, and the numerous records it has set; excursion to Jos, family Holiday to Obudu, Ibila Hike in Oju, Eldorado picnic, Mural Fest, Elder’s Groove. His supremacy as The Keeper has branded Benue Hike Group as a household name in Benue State and beyond. 

Meanwhile, all current BHG management members who are part of the Board will be relieved of their duties with effect from the 1st of January 2023 to give room for the smooth take-off of a new Management of Benue Hike Group.

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