ANAMBRA GUBER RACE… APC Has Done More For South East in 6 Years Than PDP 16 Years in Power – Chief Ben Etiaba

Governorship aspirant under the ruling All Progressives Congress APC,  Chief Ben  Etiaba haa said that the APC has done more for the  south East and Anambra state in 6 years than the People Democratic Party (PDP) did in 16th years while in power. 

Etiaba made the disclosure while Fielding questions from journalists after submitting his nomination form of interest at the party Secretariat in Abuja on Tuesday. 

He said “if you continue doing the same thing the same way over and over again the result will  still be the same, to change that perception problems. APC need to find a new messenger who will deliver the right message to the electorate only then we can begin to change that image problem that the party has.”

“APC has done well to our people i can list the projects if you want me to list all the project. You are a journalist  you know the projects.”

The aspirant also said  federal constituency is going on and the only people taking the credit are the senators and the house of representatives because APC  have no law makers from South East in the lower and upper chambers. 

” What we need to do is to find a clean whisle as a candidate nobody is perfect among the aspirants who would be able to send the APC message to the public?

” The product is not as bad as people see it but we need a good person to sell it and that is why I’m in the race. I will be that person that will speak to our people and that is what I intend doing.” 

The aspirant came up with 5 points agenda which  focus on: security Education, Health, Agriculture, andIntergreted infrastructure. 

Meanwhile when asked on the role that would be given to women if elected; he said Secondly, there will be 40 percent representation of women in his government.

According to him, “Anambra State is on the surface all the state in South East are on fire so I believe that this is the time to be more civil in dealing with affairs “

“The time for celebration is coming because APC will win this coming governorship election come November but to me, it won’t just to win but the time will come when we would be able to take our people out of darkness and into light Anambra state is the light of the nation and cannot continue  to proclaim that if we cannot live it, if we cannot show that we are truly not better than any other state but different alot to say we are the light of our nation”.
 “This is why I’m running in this race to be able to take our people to the next stage. For all the darkness in the world can never distinguish the light on a single candle, I offer myself as that candle. I already predicted that APC will win. My wish is to pray for our people because it is God that crown not man. 
Anambra need a servant to be a governor, Anambra need a humble governor who will know that there is a strong virtue in humility in leadership, creative thinker, Anambra need a selfless leader. Anambra need a person with public service. I prepared myself to lead Anambra away from politics. 
Our 5 point agender will focus on security Education HealthAgriculture Intergreted infrastructure 
Question. How much criticism can you take? 
“I’m always been used to leaders being held to account I grew up in England for 22 years the only thing that can make leaders great is by accept criticism. 
“I said the next governor of Anambra state should be ought to honest to the people because of you are honest to your people. A governorship aspirant under the ruling All Progressives Congress APC 
Question. Do you think APC has done a lot to deserve a chance in Anambra State? “yes APC has done more for the  south east and Anambra state in 6 years than PDP did to our people in 16 years. But the thing is this why has it not been reflected in the perception index of APC in the south east. “
Question. Will you agree to step down in the event of consensus? and what will be the role of  women in Anambra state
If by his grace of God you become the governorsIf by his grace I get the APC ticket in Anambra my running mate will be a woman but is not even that 
Secondly, there will be 40 percent representation of women in our government. Our women are more careful than us.  

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