BRAVE-IT Advocates For Restraint In Plateau Crisis To Safeguard Troops and Promote Peace

BRAVE-IT Advocates For Restraint In Plateau Crisis To Safeguard Troops and Promote Peace

A group under the aegis of BRAVE-IT has expressed deep concern over the escalating crisis in Plateau State, cautioning against the dangerous politicization that is needlessly inflaming tensions and jeopardizing the safety of the Nigerian troops.

Director Corporate Communications and Strategy of the group, Lawrence Audu who made the indication in a statement titled ; “Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism, Insurgency and Terrorism” and issued to Journalists on the 17th April, 2024 also condemned the polarization of the crisis in Plateau State, highlighting the detrimental role of politics in intensifying the conflict.

The statement further revealed that the organization has specifically raised alarm over a statement attributed to an unidentified group known as the Coalition of Bokkos Ethnic Youth Nationalities, which alleged that the actions of security forces have exacerbated the vulnerability of residents in Bokkos.

“Following our investigations, It is important to note that in response to distress calls during the recent attack, security personnel swiftly mobilized from multiple fronts, compelling the assailants to retreat and abandoned their hostile mission.

This rapid and coordinated action effectively thwarted simultaneous attacks targeting communities in Kopnanle, Mandang Mushy, in Mangu and Bokkos Local Government Area.

Tragically, the incident resulted in the loss of one life and injuries to two individuals, who regrettably succumbed while undergoing medical treatment”.

BRAVE-IT categorically disagrees that there was any involvement of security personnel in clashes with vigilantes during the operation.

Moreover, the organization refutes the allegations that security agencies failed to contain hostilities during the incident, emphasizing the commitment of all security forces to eradicate militia groups from the region.

BRAVE-IT wishes to highlight the imperative of de-escalating tensions, refraining from politicizing the crisis, and safeguarding the well-being of the troops to ensure a sustainable peace in Plateau State.

It is indeed important to clarify the facts to prevent misinformation and support the positive efforts of security agencies.

The tragic events of the Okuama incident in Delta State, where 17 brave Nigerian Army personnel lost their lives, are still vivid in our minds.

It is crucial to address any misleading insinuations that could potentially create tension between the people and the troops which may result in further tragic incidents.

“Nigerians should recognize that the military serves as a vital safeguard for the nation and its citizens.

It is essential for us all to unite in supporting and protecting our troops, as any division or hostility towards them only jeopardizes our collective safety and security. Let us stand together to honour the sacrifices of our military personnel and work towards a safer and more secure Nigeria.

Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism Insurgency and Terrorism (BRAVE-IT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating violent extremism, enhancing security, and promoting peace building initiatives in conflict-affected regions.

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