Ecosystem Restoration : NCF Collaborates Total Energies To plant Trees, Clean Up School In Abuja.

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)  has collaborated  Total Energies to plant trees and clean up school environment in Abuja.

The tree planting and cleanup exercise took place at Government Secondary School (GSS) Tundun Wada in the Federal Capital Territory. 

Muhammed Boyin, an official of NCF stated that the aim of the initiative was to sensitize students on the importance of tree planting and to inform them of the values associated with it.

” We get shades, food and medicine from trees. It plays a major role in mitigating climate change because it has the ability for absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and convert it to something useful to man.

“Also, the challenge of mosquitoes within the school and environs would be eradicated when we plant trees and clean up the environment.

” We have also establish NCF club within the school to assist in nurturing the seedlings planted today, ” he said.

He therefore, urged the school management and students to maintain the seedings planted and nurture them into full trees.

Omolabake Adebogun,  sales Exevcutive of Total Energies, encouraged the students to imbibed the culture of planting trees in the environment, saying we all have the duty to protect the environment .

She said similar projects had been carried out in Kano and Kaduna, Lagos  many more places where lots of trees are planted and nurtured .
 “Say no when you see someone cutting a tree, ” she said.

Mr Akor Joseph, Principal, GSS Tundun Wada said tree planting cannot be over emphasized as it create shades and conducive environment for learning, adding that it helped to control air pollution and erosion within the school.

He promised to ensure proper maintenance of other trees by watering it when necessary, saying the students would be involved in the maintenance process.

“We will assign each participating student’s name on the trees planted today, so even after the leave the school their names would remain on them,” he added.

Isah Hamza, Head boy GSC,  the environment would be a better place when lots of trees are planted adding that more oxygen would be generated.

He urged other students within and outside the schools community to cultivate the habit of planting tress in the environment, adding that they should report anyone seen cutting down any tree to the appropriate authority.

He promised to monitor and ensure that the trees would be nurtured.

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