Global Rights Launches Research Report On Nigeria’s Shrinking Civic Space

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Global Rights has launched a strategic Research Report on Nigeria’s Shrinking Civic Space tagged, “We No Go Gree O!” to build a more vibrant and  more participatory governance culture in Nigeria.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja after the launch Tuesday, the Executive Director of Global Rights, Abiodun Baiyewu said;

“There has been a lot shrinks in the civic space, the big question is how do we get out and so that prompted this research, and how do we ensure that Nigerian civic space remains vibrant and resilient”.

“The report is about the civic space and the government incautious about the civic space, and how government has used laws to disorganize the civic space, and how we lost the power to organize and associate as well how we have lost  our civic space in Nigeria and that is some of the issues we have gathered to discuss”.

According to her, “Some of the recommendations we made are, first is that Government should stop the cautions and secondly we need to massively educate citizens of what their rights are and how best they can protect these spaces.

We also recommended that citizens shouldorganise themselves and also a need for solidarity”. She noted.

“Aside the media, we will begin to disseminate it in languages where Nigerians can easily digest it, and on platforms were they can envolve dialogues on what to do.

On accountability, Baiyewu said Nigerians citizens should not stop demanding and that is how societies are build. She added”.

Some of the recommendations are; Promoting Civil Rights Education for Critical Mass, Community Organizing Skills, Regulatory Compliance, Mainstream Civic Space Issues, Hostile Environment Training, Investing in Activities and Civic Society Leadership Wellbeing, Casemaking for Business Sector Support and Legislative Allies Building, among others.

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