OPINION: Gracious Beginning – Sulaiman Mande

The character of the whole day depends upon the way it is begun” Anonymous 

The beginning of the day determines its end. How we start our day determines how it ends. 

According to studies 80% of the people starts their day thinking in the past or for the most part trying to understand what has happened in the past hours while they were sleeping. 

To the surprise of many, we become so much addicted to social media and technology tha it has become a growing global problem affecting our social interactions, economic development and cultural evolution. 

While we are anxious about the future, working so hard to create it, doing what must be done to bring it to reality, we seldom forget about how that future can be effectively manifested into our lives. 

Most people start their day thinking about what they want to do, how they are going to do it, who they are going to see and when they are going to do some other things that can help them achieve their goals, but unfortunately they begin all that by thinking through their past experiences.

While we immense ourselves in those thoughts, we forget where and when the future really begins. The future starts in the present moment, it does not start yesterday or tomorrow, It actually starts in the present moments.

Numerous research have shown that the present moment is all that we have as human beings, we neither have the past nor the future, but we have the power to make us of our present moment to change our past and shape our future, this can be summarized in the following aphorism;

” LIVE IN THE NOW ” which suggests living in the moments of deep reflection without being concerned about the past and the future and your life will most assuredly turn around. 

It is in the moments of true reflectionwe find our deepest flaws and weaknesses. That is where the discovery of the self starts, and where does such discovery take us?, it take us to the understanding of the nature of being and how to best manifest that which is associated with the highest possible good that we can conceive of.

The world is a mansion of possibilities and we create those possibilities for ourselves and those around us when we figure out our purpose in life and then work towards achieving that in order to make the world a better place. 

We all have a purpose for coming to this world, and nobody is going tell you what that is. It is your personal responsibility to figure that out and make room for it to be manifested.

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