I Will Continue with what I have been Doing while in Service.. General S.K. Usman (Rtd) Assures Nigerians

By Raphael Jov, Abuja

Former Director, Army Public Relations, General S.K. Usman (Rtd) has assured that he will continue with what he has been doing while in service.

General Usman who gave the assurance while receiving after receiving an award of excellence from the leadership of the Coalition of Online Media Association of Nigeria, in his office in abuja said;

“I always be Sani Usman and have been doing the best I could anywhere I found myself either during my time as a serving Military Officer particularly when I was the Director of Army Public Relations when the country was facing serious security challenges which manifested into Terrorism,insurgency and other religious extremism using violence tool”.

According to him, “One thing we should understand is that Nigerian Military you have one of the best Military someone will ever think in this world,because we are privilege to have worked, attended courses, seminars, and events, and visit other Army Forces”

“We might not be that equipped or sophisticated, given the circumstance we are doing marvelously well and it calls for commendation, understanding for all angles so that they can do better”.

“Barely six years ago we all witness to the fact that, even though it was a military formation we always have our heart in our mouth because we never can tell what will happen, because symbol of civilization, symbol of security, symbol of democracy were decreeted, Police Headquarters was bombed, United Nation’s office was bombed,Military barracks were bombed, Market places, including worship centers were destroyed, even were people trade in electronics. But today, things are almost history, it didn’t happen by accident, it happen by share commitment, dedication and sacrifices of our armed forces and security agencies”. He said.

He explained that With the right support the security agencies will do more, all they require is the right support and understanding.

“And you will get the best from Nigerians, I always tell everybody think of whatever cooperation you have, you are good in what other person don’t have at his or her disposal or tools that are far most sophisticated”.

“Despite obvious limitations they are doing the best they could, and people should understand that, and issues of terrorism and insurgency, the military efforts is just a negligible percentage, possibly 30%- 40%, the 70 or 60 percent comes from other segment of Nigerian Society, to what extend have they been doing it, so people should understand that, that is why I dedication this award to them because of their selflessness”.

“Having service for 35 years I have seen them in a most difficult way, no other person could have done what they are doing successfully so thank you very much”. He noted.

“I most thank you very, the online Media association of Nigerian for recognizing me among millions of other people. For the fact that five of us were selected for your award”.

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