JAMB Dismisses Report On Challenges Associated With CAPS

….Urges Institutions To Authenticate Their Email Addresses From Their Desk Officers

It has come to the knowledge of the Board that some institutions are experiencing challenges accessing their Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS).

In reality, after updating the CAPS platform to improve security to serve the institutions and the public better, all users of the platform were mandated to change their existing passwords to which an Advisory on the landing page of the CAPS platform has been provided.

Institutions are, therefore, urged to carefully read the instructions contained in the Advisory as the Registrar had directed that these should be rewritten in clear and unambiguous language for all to understand.

However, any institution, which after reading and following the instructions, still encounter challenges, should contact the Director, Admissions, JAMB, for assistance.

The Board also noticed that at the inception of CAPS, some institutions used the personal email addresses of Officers responsible for access to CAPS to create their CAPS profile.

This has contributed to the inability of these institutions to promptly access their CAPS profile as the new passwords were sent only to the registered email addresses.

Consequently, institutions are advised to, henceforth, use only official email addresses to create such sensitive profiles to avoid any future challenges.

Other contributing factors could be that some institutions had logins that do not conform to the new security standard, hence such  institutions would need to update their profiles with new email addresses to be able to access their CAPS.

Also worthy of note is that some institutions had typographical errors on their email addresses, thus, preventing the successful delivery of the new passwords.

Therefore, institutions that fail to receive their new passwords are hereby encouraged to confirm the authenticity of their email addresses from their Desk Officers.

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