Mdzough U Tiv Disowns TIV YOUTH COUNCIL

Mdzough U Tiv,  is  a socio cultural organization, a Tiv  pressure group and a legitimate force that is both serving the interests and maintaining the influence of Tiv nation across the globe. It is a group considered to be a necessary body to preserve the ethnic identity of the Tiv nation worldwide.

Like other socio cultural groups in the country, such as Afenifere, Ohanaeze Nd’Igbo, etc; Mdzough U Tiv embraces the concepts of society, culture  and system. Under it are few organizations which share the same concept, such as Tiv Youth Organization (TYO) worldwide (a branch of the organization saddled with responsibility of harmonizing the interest of youths in Tiv land).

This preface is necessary to get the public to know that those parading themselves as a group in Tiv land but are not known either by culture, value or registration are only self serving people.

A few days ago, one Mike Msuaan masquerading as leader of one ‘Tiv Youth Council’, a group not known to the Tiv nation had taken a swipe on Sokoto Catholic Bishop, Dr Mathew Hassan Kukah over his Christmas message which had received commendation by every segment of the country.

To put the record straight, Mdzough U Tiv submits that Msuaan and his one man group is not known in any part of Tiv nation.

The only youth organization known to us as earlier mentioned is the “Tiv Youth Organization” headed by Timothy Hembaor, we can attest to it that TYO is a  registered organization and incorporated on June 11th, 1998.

Mdzough U Tiv therefore advises the self serving individual who is using group identity for whatever personal gains to desist henceforth from using the identity of the Tiv nation to achieve his objectives.

Tiv people are known to be patriotic and hard-working people who always identify themselves with laudable activities instead of supporting actions and activities that tend to take humanity backwards.

It is a well known fact that what Bishop Kukah said on his Christmas message is a true reflection of happenings in the country.

Mdzough U Tiv recalls that Benue State had in 2018 witnessed the wanton destruction of lives and property in the hands of Fulani bandits, despite all our cries, the federal government handled the issue with levity and till date, some parts of the state are still not accessible to indigenes as a result of the marauding herdsmen.

For instance, Moon council ward in Kwande local government area of Benue State, has since the past six years been deserted by indigenes following the ugly activities of the fulani bandits, at present, no structure is standing, all houses, schools and health centers in the area have been destroyed.

Had the president woken up to his responsibility and heeded the  cries of Benue people led by their leader, His Excellency, Samuel Ortom to improve on the security of Nigerians and accept ranching as the best global practice for livestock and husbandry, the nation would have been out of this ugly, agonizing and sorry state.

Mdzough U Tiv hereby stands by the position of Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and submits that President Buhari has managed our diversity very poorly and caused more divisions in Nigeria.

Instead of attacking the reverend father, the President should see the message as a wake up call and do the needful by, as a first step, rejig the security architecture and allow for constitution of national conference where all ethnic groups will come together and frankly discuss the way forward for our great nation. This, we believe will strengthen the unity, peace and security of the country.

CP Iorbee Ihagh, (retd.)
President General,
Mdzough U Tiv Worldwide

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