Nigeria More Divided Under PMB led Administration – ADC 

The National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Ralphs Okey Nwosu has accused the present administration of running the country at it’s  pace.

Mr. Nwosu who made the accusations while addressing a press conference in Abuja at the party head quarters said, Nigeria has become more divided than ever under President Buhari led administration.

“Today the President can afford to stay away for many months without handing over to the Vice, and many of our State Governors run their States from their expensive mansions in Dubai, London or US. At the national level, Legislators have become deal making and self-serving conspirators, whose salaries and allowances are far above that of their counterparts in any part of the world”. He said.

“The State Legislators are mere rubber stamps and boys/ladies of Ogas. Legislation has been turned upside down to legislooting. Ours has become a democracy where none of the  players strive to become statement/ladies, but money men/ladies; the new billionaires in town a few months after the election, specializing in giving handouts to their constituencies instead of providing opportunities and assuring quality health of the systems”.

He expressed worries over the members of the National Assembly who do not recognize their role in a tri-camera democracy, as according to him, the National Assembly is a treasure house from where they can deep hands into the treasury bank of the Country.

Nwosu further accused the speaker Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila of starting a willful journey that will further undermine the integrity of the National Assembly by orchestrating the APC  national poaching game into the house.

This he said, he did it by illegal announcing that Hon. Peter Makinde of Ondo East  and West decamped from ADC due to crisis in ADC.

“As the world can see, except the speaker and his co-travellers want to start a phantom storm in our party, ADC is intact and not just ready, but determined to take Nigeria to a great and new democratic leadership experience, by taking over the presidency and wininng most of the states and General Elections in 2023”. He noted.

While calling on internal audit of the bye-elections which according to him take place every month, he lamented the cost are too heavy for the state, political parties and Citizens.

“In some democracies, vacant positions especially at the legislative level are filled by Executive, the State Assembly members or a special arrangement  of political parties. Our elections and democracy must not continue to sap the country because leaders are inept, corrupt and uncreative. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to ensure that the labour of our heroes last doesn’t end in vain”.Nwosu explained.

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