Primaries: APC Youth Wing Gives Update On Inclusiveness

The Youth wing of the All Progresives Congress, under the Leadership of Dayo Israel, says it has taken a major strategy, by setting up a High Level work group co-chaired by Ahmad Salihijo and Solape Hammond. 

National Youth Leader of the APC, Dayo isrea who made the disclosure while receiving a report from a high level committee, instituted to create a Technical Platform, providing strategic and morale support to young members who have purchased their nomination forms or intending to purchase before the expiration of the dateline set by the party to go into to primaries, said the group is saddled with the responsibility to strengthen the participation of young people in the political process beyond the use of young APC members as political thugs or mere voters, also, to lobby policy makers across the country to ensure the success and emergence of credible young aspirants in the forthcoming primaries.

“The Office of the National Youth leader took that mandate very seriously And we know that this is an election year”. 

“So we had a commitment to ensure that we can increase the number of young people according to our party constitution 40 years and below who are running or participating in this election.

 As a result of that we set up this high level Working Group on huge inclusion in the 2023 elections that is composed of some of the best minds that this country has produced so far”. 

“In the youth sector, the committee or the working group is chaired by one of our own Engineer, Ahmed Sahlijo Ahmed, the Director General and the managing director of the Nigeria Rural Electrification Agency, who is the Co chair of this high level Working Group he’s is joined as a co chair of the working group by Mrs. Sholake Agagu Almond is not just the daughter of the former governor of Ondo State Governor Agagu but also a special adviser to the governor of Lagos State on sustainable development goals. 

other members of the high level working group is Mr. Wole Aboderin who is the Special Assistant to the President on NGO matters. 

We also have Mrs Ginka Tor who is also a federal commissioner on the federal character commission. 

We also have the high level working group, Mr. Hamza, who is the Special Adviser to the Speaker of the House of Representatives on migration and IDP we have Dr. Ibrahim with the president of the Weightlifting Federation Nigeria we also have on the group all the eminent leaders, young leaders who are taking key roles in the Nigerian government in general. 

And of course the committee is is has the as a secretary, Miss Moremi Odudu daughter of the Special Adviser to the President Senate to do and also a very strong woman who is this essay to the Speaker of the Lagos state of assembly and visa colorant and other members of the technical committee and Mr. Amaka Lawrence over there”. 

And what we have done with the high level working group is to bring together young people of our party who are in very senior position like it wants to carry on with the efforts of the president on infrastructure to use their influence their powers and their connection and the absence to be able to pave way for all the young people in public office”. He noted.

On his part, Chairman High-level Committee, APC Youth Wing,  Ahmed Sahlijo Ahmed, while giving account  said that the committee was able to meet with several State governors and have been seen a lot of  positive results.

“So first, I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate our leader Dayo Israel for exceptional leadership in bringing Youth into the 2023 electoral process. 

First and foremost, the fact that he has been able to secure a 50% discount for all young people aspiring to positions in 2023 elections, I think is an incredible achievement.

And we have all gotten very, very firm commitment from these governorsAlready”. 
“They have shown a lot of encouragement because once you look through their cabinet, you’ll find that a lot of the people that they are currently bringing into their cabinet as spaning into young people between commissioners, senior special advisers, advisers, you know, you find that they are holding very critical Development Ministry such as the ministry of works, health, housing, you know, and all sorts of very, very important infrastructural regulatory, regulatory structures.

So in addition to that, we have coming this week, you know, were able to secure appointments to meet with the Cross Rivers State Governor, Niger State Gombe,Kebbi Jigawa  and Kano most importantly, we have also met, as I mentioned earlier with the state governor, who is incidentally, the chairman of the Nigerian governors forum, who has also used that platform to reach other governors to show them and tell us exactly what we’re doing. And so far, we have been seen a lot of very, very positive results”. 

“We have areas where we have our young aspirants who have been cleared to run as, state House of Assembly Members some house of representatives from Senate, some even governors have been given the green light, you know, and they’ve declared to run and we’re hoping that with this sort of push that we have, you know, as this high level Group , we can get them over the primaries and support them”. He said

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