QueenEnterprenuer Reiterates Commitment To Women, Children Empowerment

QueenEnterprenuer Reiterates Commitment To Women, Children Empowerment

QueenEnterpreneur Women’s Foundation, an African-American NGO has reinstated its mission to empowering women and children, driving towards a future where women-led enterprises thrive.

At the heart of the organization are the distinguished Board of Directors and Advisory Board, each comprising luminaries in their respective fields.

The Executive Director Tessy N Egonu , in a recent press statement noted that it envisions a future where gender equality is not just a goal but a reality.

She also stated “Our foundation is not just a catalyst for change; it’s a commitment to rewriting the narrative of women empowerment by championing equity. We envision a future where every woman has the tools and opportunities to lead fearlessly.”

Philip Rogers the Head of Operations also added his voice on the foundation’s vision, “Collaboration is the heartbeat of innovation. Through our diverse expertise and collaborative spirit, we aim to create an ecosystem where women-led enterprises thrive.”

The Board of Directors comprises trailblazers in entrepreneurship, finance, technology, and social impact. They include

Lynda Banja, an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, leads the charge in championing gender rights and corporate law. Her visionary approach guides impactful committees, laying the foundation for a more inclusive business landscape.

Milton Flournoy, a seasoned change management leader, brings a wealth of expertise to the board, focusing on optimizing efficiency and talent development.

Joanna Staniszewska, CEO of the boutique agency, spearheads collaborations that transcend traditional boundaries, embracing marketing, HR, and communication to foster a holistic approach to business growth.

Marcelle Isibhakome Rizkallah-Imoisili, a global business expert fluent in multiple languages, lends her diverse knowledge to the foundation, excelling across various sectors.

Rosario Marrazzo, a pioneer in product management innovation within the tech industry, aims for a lasting impact that transcends conventional boundaries.

Cynthia Nonso, a growth strategist, is at the forefront of championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Grace Nonyelim Oliko leads the charge in healthcare innovation and advocacy.

Daisy Matsika, a National Awards Nominee, passionately advocates for youth and cultural representation, adding a crucial dimension to the foundation’s mission.

“Cultural representation is at the core of our mission. We believe that diverse voices drive innovation, and we are committed to amplifying those voices”, Merciful Ajinomoh Head of Media and Communication stated in the official release.

Their Advisory Board includes Adebayo Aderohunmu, fostering human capital; Omone Tessy Okolo, pioneering innovation in African tech; Ihenacho Ikechukwu Michael Bennert an avant-garde in creative strategy, product design, branding and communication.and Jamila Idris, a figure in high performance and organizational development.

Together, this foundation champions inclusivity and empowerment through tailored, innovative programs, illuminating the path for diverse and empowered business ecosystems.

Together, the foundation’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board have a shared commitment to championing inclusivity and empowerment. Through tailored and innovative programs, QueenEntrepreneur Women’s Foundation illuminates the path for diverse and empowered business ecosystems.

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