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Safety, Security Should Be Agenda For National Development – ESMI

A group under the aegies of Environment and Safety Management Institute (ESMI) has said that the safety and security of urban areas should be an important agenda for national development.

The group disclosed this last week during a strategic stakeholders seminar on enhancing safety in emerging cities held in Abuja.

Delivering his keynote address, a proffesor from the Dpartment of Urban and Regional Planning University of Jos, Prof Davidson Alaci said, Urban areas play the role of commercial hubs contributing immensely to national economies.

According to him, the rise in urban density is a defining global socio-ecological phenomenon of the 21st century and it is unparalleled in the history of mankind.

He said, “Urban areas are are the engine of national, regional and local economic development and wealth because they create job opportunities, valuable concentration of human, technical and financial resources, access to capital markets, knowledge and expertise.

“No country has grown to middle income without urbanizing and none has grown to high income status without cities.”

He further said that urban insecurity by nature is a threat to the quality of life, human rights, social and economic stability and sustainability.

According to him, urban cities in Nigeria are neither safe as they are being surrounded kidnappers, bandits, air pollution and floodings.

In his words, the director general of environment and safety management institute, Mr Martins Iorsambe said that environment regulates the life of all organisms, and provide human beings with resources for leading a comfortable life.

He noted that if the environment is safe and secure, an emotional, psychological or philosophical state of mind remain free. 

“Today in Nigeria, we are engaged in a counter-insurgency banditry, urban violence and an unprecedented challenge which requires a radical approach, a new way of thinking and a depth of understanding of the issues at stake beyond the efforts of the Federal Government alone.

“Without doubt, security is an enabler of national development. There can be no sustainable development without peace and security. Increasingly, security and development concerns have become interlinked. That is if the environment is not safe there is no meaningful development,” he added.

Also speaking CSP retired Vandefan James said that Our forest should keep free from bandits so that they will no longer use it as habitants.

He said the society should be enlightenment in terms of environmental pollution, effect of flooding, poor road maintenance culture and the effects of refuse dumping. So if we can stick to this there would be safety environment.


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