There Is Confusion In Rivers State Chapter Of APC- Ganduje Admits

There Is Confusion In Rivers State Chapter Of APC- Ganduje Admits

The National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Dr Abdullahi Ganduje has admitted that there was confusion in Rivers State Chapter of the party, but members to over hit the system.

He stated this while addressing a faction of Rivers APC led by Tony Okocha, a former Chief of Staff to the then Governor Rotimi Amaechi at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja on Thursday.

Ganduje called on the faction to give the party’s national leadership an enabling environment and a chance to resolve the issues to make APC formidable in Rivers.

“We have received your address and the party will come in and see how we can get a solid party leadership so that we can move forward. But what we are begging is do not overheat the system.

“Overheating the system, I mean some will go for litigation and then a vicious cycle will come again.
We don’t want too much analysis because they say too much analysis leads to paralysis.

“So give us a chance so that we can consult, so that we look at the constitution of APC and then we wait and see how we can put things in order,” he said.

Ganduje noted that APC in Rivers State is highly fictionalised and the party was killed by litigations and called for unity of purpose for future electoral victories.

“One important question that you asked and we to ask is how come we won presidential election and lost state election. You said that it was a miracle. Yes, if you say a miracle, there must be a messiah.

“Without winning federal election, across many states, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu could not have become the president of this country. So we have to congratulate you for that.

“But what we are saying, yes, there is confusion in the party, but we don’t want members to over heat the system, we are focused, we are organised, we work scientifically in politics.

“Therefore you give us an enabling environment, give us a chance so that we can put a round peg in a round hole, square peg in a square hole, so that we maintain our dignity as a party,” he added.

Earlier, Okocha who apparently asked the APC national leadership under Ganduje not to recognise or reward the Amaechi faction, demanded that only his group be contacted for anything through the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesome Wike.

“Mr. Chairman, we summarise that the only group in APC Rivers State legitimate to seek compensation for the victory of APC/Tinubu in RIvers State, is the one here.
Please contact us through the leader of the Political infantry in RIvers State, who is serving in the Federal Cabinet presently.

“Finally, we pray Mr Chairman to discountenance the machinations of the pretenders, who via hues and cries and trumping up lies, want to negate the Natural law that aptly recommends that “One reaps where the one sows.

“Those persons never supported the Party nor are they sincere in their hearts, to be happy that President Tinubu made it to the Presidency,” he said.

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