UniAbuja Alumni Association Charges Members On Unity

….Holds General Congress

The University of Abuja Alumni Association, on Saturday held its general congress for the passage of a new constitution, selection of an electoral committee and election of new leadership as passed in the new constitution.

Mr Joshua Gana, the Caretaker Committee Chairman of the association, at the congress said the association’s constitution had been reviewed and upgraded to bolster its activities.

Gana said that the congress was also aimed at bringing members home and abroad in a contributory way to give back to their alma mater and the country at large.

According to him, in the next few years, the association may likely produce the President of the country and the best crop of educationists in the country.

Gana said: “We have seen 20 loopholes that need to be shut and many things that had happened environmentally and even within our legal space in Nigeria.

“That was why this document had to be upgraded to meet the current challenges in Nigeria and improve on the workings of the association.

“Within our period as caretaker committee, we were able to plant international chapters in United States, United Kingdom and Canada and so there is a lot of enthusiasm from our members who are doing well home and abroad.

“So, we see a new constitution that carries most of the things that we are concerned about in giving back to our alma mater are covered.”

Gana pledged that there would be a responsible leadership that  would drive the process of executing major infrastructural projects in the institution.

“We are better than most other universities, it is  our coming together that we can showcase who we are, what we are and what we can do for our country.

“What we have was when it was founded, and at that time, it was a smaller association, but now have grown all these years.

“I gained my certification to become something in life from this institution and I want to give back to the institution.

“So that they can have quality education, better facilities to use, and they can perform for Nigeria better than my own generation.“The essence of the congress was to pass a new constitution, select an electoral committee, elect new leadership.

“It is also to give them the new tenure as passed in the new constitution that would be considered today,” he said.

He, however, called on all members of the association, both home and abroad to be united and committed for the development of the association and the nation.

The Head, Alumni Relations and Secretary, Caretaker Committee for the congress, University of Abuja, Safiya Ismaila said graduates from the University were in every nooks and crannies of the world doing great things.

She said, “there had been a lot of turbulence in the past, which hopefully by this congress, everyone has buried the hatchet and is ready to move forward.”

According to her, graduates from the university are in the academia,  politics, diplomatic relations, media, arts, entertainment, legal profession, business and other spheres of life.

“It is not  easy to work with diverse people from different walks of life and different age groups, there are people that graduated in the 90s  and there are some that just graduated in 2020.

“Some people are mature while some are still upcoming, so it is  difficult to strike a balance and carry everyone because as head of alumni relations, it is my job to carry  everybody along .“So, I would not  say it has been an easy task, but I feel fulfilled that we have at least made progress to  this level. 

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