UNICEF Donates Life-saving Cholera Kits To Benue Flood Survivors

Life-saving cholera kits provided by UNICEF have helped families survive the worst effects of major flooding in Benue State, Nigeria.

Over 3,000 people were displaced by recent flooding across 12 Local Government Areas of the state.

Some 650 households have been temporarily settled in seven government designated Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps as a result.

Those families have now been given vital cholera and tool kits containing water guard sachets, bathing soap, a jerrycan, washing powder, a kettle, a cup, and a bucket.

UNICEF worked in partnership with Benue State Rural Urban Water Agency (BERWASSA) to provide and deliver the kits.

One of the people affected by the flooding, Mama Alyehena Alakali, moved with her family to the Ortese IDP Camp in the Guma Local Government Area.

She was in no doubt as to how vital UNICEF’s kits have been.

Floods in Benue have worsened this year because of heavy rainfall and the overflowing of the River Benue’s banks.

UNICEF’s actions have helped combat some of the worst effects of that flooding on a human level, according to BERWASSA’s Benue State Water and sanitation official Mr Adzaagee T. Douglas.

“These supplies provided by UNICEF are indeed life-saving and immeasurable.

“They will go a long way in alleviating the immediate health needs and major plights of the displaced persons in the camps,” he said.

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