We ‘ll Make Sure ASUU Strike Issue Is Addressed -APC Youth Leader

The newly elected National Youth Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Mr. Abdullahi  Dayo Israel, has on Monday  assured Nigerian students of his commitment to do everything possible to ensure they return back to school from the ongoing Academic Staff  Union of Universities (ASUU) strike.

Dayo who gave the assurance  while addressing newsmen at the APC headquarters in Abuja said, “education is a leveler, it brings the child of a poor man to the same level of a child of a rich man and so education is vital for all of us.

 “As part of what we are going to be doing as a council of youth leaders; myself and my colleagues from the deputy to the youth leaders is to be able to sit down and begin to identify who are the stakeholders that we also need to engage with, so that we can put this issue to rest.

 “We are going to make an attempt by the grace of God to speak to the minister of education and lend our voice to the issues and  also to sit down with other stakeholders for example, we will also  lend  our voice to the labour. We are not part of the main stakeholders, we can only go and advocate and lobby in our own little way.

 According to him, “We will make sure by the grace of God to do everything in our power to serve our generation and to insure that we speak and we remain a voice for young progressives and we know that if we do that it will be  easy for us to be able to mobilise for our coming elections.

Dayo, while filling questions from newsmen on what he will do differently compared to past leaders he said: “To be honest, you have  heard people who have made promises but you must understand that we are  new generation of young people who have integrity and like president Muhammadu Buhari, we want to live  our time in office with integrity with diligence and with the fear of God, So that you  can hold us to. 

“I can’t say we have the power but with the help of God, we will do everything within our power to ensure we dutifully serve young people who have put us in office.

 “Not only that we will prayerfully with the help of God, we will make sure we engage our leaders, we sit down with them, we open a line of communication. When there is communication, you can get more done, you are able to lobby, you are able to ensure that people can reasons with you and while you want things to be. 

“This is not students unionism with all due respect; this is the young people of the All Progressives Congress. The emphasis is on the word “Progressives”, he added.

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