APC Convention: AFANCO Urges Senator Akume To Take Over The Leadership Of APC In The Forthcoming Convention

The Drector General Akume For All Progressives Congress National Chairman Campaign Organization (AFANCO), Chief Patrick Open has call on His Excellency, Sen. Dr. George Akume to come forward and take up the leadership of APC in the forthcoming convention.

Chief Open who made the call at a world press conference Wednesday in Abuja said, “Our conviction is predicated on the fact that H.E Sen. Dr. George Akume has served meritoriously as former Governor, Senator and now Minister of the federal Republic of Nigeria. He has the Acumen to succeed H.E Mai Mala Bum and lead the APC to a more Adventurous exploits and political conquest, bountiful harvests and national Prosperity. 

Akume is tested, trusted and a certified Administration, moving through the ranks and
ladder as a public officer, politician, and community leader. 

His humanity and empathy is infectious. He is patient, focused and a bridge builder, a problem solver as well as an attentive listener. He is pragmatic, generous, calm and meek as a lamb. He is the political gladiator and muster-point of North Central Nigeria and he possesses the magic wand that will positively increase the fortunes of our great party APC”. He said.

According to him, “In the midst of what ordinary mortals and some party stakeholders and faithfuls saw as a trangulation and fixation, arose the scion and Turk of the ancient kanem-Bornu Empire to weld, further unify and calm frayed nervous. The Mai Mala Bum led Extra ordinary care taker committee of our great party APC has not only been extra ordinary but also with divine wisdom and absolute humanity, led the APC to its apogee. The party under H.E Mai Mala Bum is not just another political party in Nigeria. It is a global brand”.

“Gentlemen of the press, ladies and gentlemen, permit me to intimate you that both the leadership and members of AFANCO within and outside the shores of Nigeria consider the APC a home.

We are not just stakeholders but also faithfuls, diehards and investors in the APC project. Having watched the growth and metamorphosis of the party surviving the masticulating umbrage of the tropical caterpillar, common sense dictates that the photosynthetic process of transfer of power should be pursued with caution and foresight”. He noted.

“Recall that about two months ago, precisely on the 28th of September 2021, we openly unveiled and birthed Progressive Revolutionary initiative known as AFANCO-AKUME for All Progressives Congress National Chairman Campaign Organization. We are Nigerian professionals drawn from all walks of life within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Our membership is not restricted to tribe, region, state of origin, or social strata.

Following an in-depth studies and painstaking research as well as a clinical diagnosis of our political travials and adventures especially as critical members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from cradle.
 There seemed to have emerged the Nigerian version of the politburo, a party within the party. As a party with massive and enormous goodwill, anytime it experienced difficulties and challenges, solutions are not farfetched”.

“At this stage of our socio-political development both as a party and nation, extreme care and due diligence must be exercised when assigning leadership responsibilities. We must shun bigotry, totalitarianism, corruption, ethnicity, religious and social discrimination and embrace incorruptibility, tolerance, social cohesion and nationalism. We must emphasis and integrate the poor, needy, less privileged, widows, orphans and the vulnerable population into our national vision and mission”.

“Gentlemen of the press, Ladies and Gentlemen, without much Ado, we hereby make this passionate call on H.E. Sen. Dr. George Akuma, wherever he is, to come out now for the love of Nigeria and Nigerians and lead the APC to our expected Eldorado”.

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