NYSC Reviews Policy On Verifying Fitness Of Prospective Corps Members For Orientation Programme

In view of the regimentation and physical demands of some activities of the NYSC Orientation programme, the management of the Scheme introduced presentation of Certificate of Fitness from recognised public health facilities by prospective Corps Members as requirement for registration at the Orientation Camp. 

The essence was to enable Camp Officials manage those who are not fit to undertake certain activities in the Camp. This has been largely misunderstood, leading to extortion of some prospective Corps Members by fraudulent individuals in their bid to secure such documents some of which may not stand a test of integrity. 

In order to avail the Scheme credible information on their health status and also protect them from exploitation by unscrupulous persons, prospective Corps Members will henceforth undergo fitness test at the NYSC Clinic at the Orientation Camp with effect from the 2022 Batch ‘C’ Orientation Course.
It is pertinent to note that the NYSC Orientation Camp Clinics across the nation are managed by the National Health Insurance Authority with the supervision of Consultants from tertiary health institutions
Prospective Corps Members should note this information for compliance.

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