Why Hon. Sola Olofin Should Be Appointed Minister Of Youth -BAT Vanguard

Why Hon. Sola Olofin Should Be Appointed Minister Of Youth -BAT Vanguard

A group known as BAT Vanguard has called on President Bola Tinubu to appoint Hon. Sola Olofin as the
Minister Of Youth.

According to the group, the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidency is about eighty-seven (87) days old, few appointments have been made including cabinet Ministers who were recently screened, confirmed and sworn-in.

It said in line with the Constitutional provision for the choice of a Minister from each States and the Federal Capital Territory (FTC), Ekiti State has had her share of Ministerial pick.

“Few of the considerations in the determination of who qualifies for what was political, regional and ethnic balancing and the contributions of potential appointees to the electioneering campaigns and eventual success of the All Progressives Party at the February 25th Presidential polls.

“BAT Vanguard, one of the prominent support group for the actualization of the “Renewed Hope” Agenda which has its presence in the thirty-six (36) States of the federation and in diaspora did not just “stand on the mandate” of our Party’s then candidate, they lavishly supported and vigorously campaign for the success of his aspiration.

“Mr. Sola Olofin is a dyed-in-the-wool Party man, a Tinubist from Ekiti State and for that matter, the National Convener of the said BAT Vanguard; he was a member of the famous Presidential Campaign Council, member Contact and Mobilization, South West in the Presidential Campaign Council and a member of Support Group in the Independent Campaign Council. He therefore, very certainly, deserves appointment more than anyone else from his Ekiti State.

“Besides the general support and contributions of the BAT Vanguard to the All Progressives Party’s Presidential campaigns and Mr. Sola Olofin’s manifest loyalty to the President’s aspiration, in specific terms, he coordinated the Young Women Delegates for the APC Primary Election and hosted several BAT Vanguard Executive Meetings as support groups gear for the APC Presidential Primary Election as as well as presented a large framed photo to the President at his most recent birthday celebration.

“Considering the listed contributions and Mr. Sola Olofin’s physical, intellectual involvement during the campaigns and election periods, his unrestrained commitment to Party and unalloyed loyalty to PBAT, it’s only fair and equitable to review the ongoing appointment processes to accommodate supporters and members like Mr. Sola Olofin who had tirelessly worked to ensure that our Party succeeded and continue to flourish,” the Vanguard stated.

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