Garus Gololo’s Unguarded Mischievous Outburst Against Buratai Must Stop -KFP

Garus Gololo’s Unguarded Mischievous Outburst Against Buratai Must Stop -KFP

Kalthum Foundation for Peace (KFP), a registered charity based in Nigeria that has collaborated with the military in the North-East in counterterrorism and Counter-insurgency operations through non kinetic approaches receives with great shock the unguarded outbursts of one Garus Gololo against Lt. General TY Buratai, the former Chief of Army Staff of the Nigerian.

The Foundation in a statement issued to news men by its Chairperson and Founder, Amb. Ummu Kalthum Muhammad Rabiu stated that the foundation believes that there is no need to narrate what Mr. Gololo told the press he told President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, to tarnish the golden image of the former COAS because it is not certain if he was  even granted the audience by the President. 

“But be that as it may, KFP wants to set the record straight and make it abundantly clear that troops allowance and welfare under Buratai was at its peak and everything was done through the banks to block corruption. Similarly, former President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR did his best to procure arms and all gears needed for the troops to checkmate the insurgents thus the victory Nigeria recorded under General Buratai as COAS”.

“This was acknowledged by the World Terrorism Index and other reputable international bodies. 

General Buratai did not only ensure that troops’ allowance was paid as at and when due but also introduced cigarette allowance of N6000 monthly to them to boost their morale. 

This is why the last time  (early 2023)he was passing through Buniyadi, the troops forced him to stop to show their appreciation and solidarity to him. The video went viral wherein the troops referred to him “Baba oyo lyo.”

“We advised the public to disregard jobless and destructive minds like Gololo and their vindictive utterances because such people have no any moral compass. Certainly, Mr Gololo can not go to the North-East and say what he said here in Abuja to the press.

This is in no way an attempt to lobby for any appointment in the cabinet of President Tinubu for Buratai but to set the record straight and clear the name of a patriotic officer who gave in his best to stabilize the North-East.

It is up to the president to do whatever he thinks is best and right for the country. It is his prerogative to work with whom he wishes”.

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