Our Partnership will Amplify Anti-corruption Messaging across Nigeria – says Mambayya Al-Habibiyyah

Mambayya House, the Aminu Kano Centre for Democratic Studies, Bayero University, Kano and Al-Habibyyah Islamic Society Abuja, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further amplify anti-corruption messaging across Nigeria particularly at the grassroot level.

Speaking during the MoU in Abuja, Director, Mambayya House, Prof. Ismalla Zango said the gesture was to entrench and ensure transparency, accountability, good governance in order to have a better Nigeria.

“We thought if we join forces together, we should be able to make make maximum impact essentially, is for us to collaborate to do a number of activities that will further re-echo or re-emphasize the anti-corruption messaging so that in the longer have a society that is democratic, that is transparent and that is accountable across levels, that is the aim of the partnership” he said.

” We are doing quite a number of things, one , we are holding sensitization campaigns , we are also building capacity for NBOs, CBOs and particularly faith-based organizations so that they can be able even among the organization ensure that they have built transparency, they have accountability so that what they are preaching they are also practicing, so that way, you are teaching people by action not just speaking” he noted.

Prof. Zango, they have formed forty seven anti-corruption clubs in secondary schools and tertiary institutions across northern Nigeria, as according to him, all the clubs are engaging in a number of anti-corruption activities in their various schools.

“One of the ways we are doing that, we are trying to catch them young at the early age so that we will have people who are actually transparent by the time they have become our leaders, they will remember the teachings from their various religious teachings to know that corruption is bad and our verse readings have actually preach against corruption’. He explained.

On his part, National Chief Imam, Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society, Imam Fuad Adeyemi, explained that they have been working together unofficially before and it has been and it has been working, as they want to concretize it because it will be for the betterment of the Nation and that of the entire humanity.

” We have networking through out the local governments, wards and every part of Nigeria, we can get to any where in the next one hour on each part of the country they might not know, they know  what to send but they don’t know where to send , we will know where to send it to, but we don’t have enough things to send, with this collaboration, we will have enough things to send and enough places to go”. He explained.

When asked how their operation is been seen as business rather than Faith for salvation?

Imam Adeyemi has this to say;

“The best thing being a religious leader is a terrible challenge because you are representing God, the moment you are doing otherwise, it means you have declare war on God, any religious leader who is not conscious of that will already loose in this world and will be punished in the here after, these are things that are behind us and we have also discovered one thing, if you want more from God, do more for people when you are conscious of the  people that you are leading, God will be conscious of you, when you are conscious of yourself, God will leave you to your problem and these are the things that we are teaching practically in Al-Habibiyyah”. He Said.

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